I made it through the night without drinking and smoking.  However, I stayed up pretty late reading and writing.  I was wired so I was working and had to make myself go to sleep, because I knew I wanted to get up early to work.  So here I am with a nice night of sleep.  I got a little manic yesterday going 100 miles a minute.  I had nervous energy and didn’t know what to do with it so compulsively, I went to the grocery store and spend more money than I had or needed to. 

I work at my retail shop today, so I need to rest for that.  I’m mad because I called work to ask what my schedule was for next week, even Sunday and they still didn’t have it!  I was like man I have a life I don’t put it on hold until you decide what days I’m going to work.

I wanted to make appointment week for a job interview.  I told the assistant manager that I had already made an appointment for Tuesday and that I have another appointment the week after to go to try and get accepted in a trial study on a new drug for bipolar, which I did.  I can’t afford to go to the doctor or even for the meds.  The price of my hormones are killing me!  Anyway that’s how it stands. 

I go to work today at 3pm and we will see what’s transpired on the schedule.  If I’m scheduled for Tuesday, I’ll just have have to say I have plans for that day.

I’ve also asked for shorter hours so I can take care of self and work harder on my eBay business.  This is my high priority.

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