Journaling – Bipolar Journal – Catching up

I’ve been writing in my regular journal, but not here.  However, I’ve been looking over my jounaling and there are some days that I would like to share.

 Got up today at 6am – took Cody, my pomeranian for a walk, came back and poured me a cup of coffee then hit the computer to see if I had any sales on Ebay.  I have to make myself quit otherwise I would be sitting at the computer everyday.  I’ve got so  much going off in my head that I want to do that I just keep going. This is where my compulsiveness comes in with Bipolar.  I get confused and feel so unorganized and then get anxious.  Then I will get distracted and go off and do something else when I should finish what I’m doing first.  Sometimes I don’t get anything done because I get so bad I just throw up my hands and go to bed.  This is a day to day journey for me.  Hopefully something will help me one day.


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