Bad Trip on Research Drug for Bipolar

I went to the research clinic yesterday like I do every Friday.  But this time it was different.  I was told they were pulling me from the study.  Be honest, I was relieved.  I had felt good on it and I had some close calls of hurting myself.  I felt drunk on it most of the time by tripping over items, running into tables just flat feeling drunk.  I got sick sometimes by getting acid reflux and throwing up.  By 3pm I’d be ready to go sleep.  I gained 3 pounds!  I did find out I was taking the real thing not the sugar pill.  I had a feeling since I was having such a rough time.  It did work as far as changing my drinking habits.  I’ve slowed down a lot so that was good.  The bad thing is they did a blood draw and my liver count went from 77 to over 100.  That wasn’t good.  The research decided to remove me from the study.

Darn just when I found something that would control my drinking habits.  Maybe it just wasn’t meant for me to do this.

They did give me a two-week supply of Lithium.  I asked them which drug was causing my enzymes to go up they didn’t have an answer, but still they’re giving more lithium.  My bipolar has settled a little.  I guess I will see what the next chapter in my life will lead.  I just know things need to improve.



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