Just Another Day – Taking One Day at a Time!

I’ve just decided there’s nothing I can do but try and be positve. That’s how I feel today. I’m going to work on this for everyday.

I decided it was time to get that airline ticket to North Carolina to see my new grandson. I put my paycheck in the bank yesterday and woke up ready to make my airline reservations. Well -the stupid check has not cleared; therefore, I don’t have enough money to purchase a ticket. The fares were or are reasonable and have seats available as of today, but tomorrow could be different. This is for my trip around Christmas. I told myself I was going to see my son and grandson, it’s been a year, and my grandson just turned a year old. He looks so much like my son – his daddy, it just makes me cry.
My point being – there’s nothing I can do about it – so just calm down. I’m trying to manage my bipolar by doing this deep breathing when I start to get upset. I hate been depressed because the first thing I want to do is drink and make it go away. I’m going to be positive and pay that everything will be okay. There’ll be a sit for me on the day I want to leave. Yes, there will be. Think positive.
I’ve had a hard time with the “positive.” I’m doomed both my dad and brother think of the bad things that can happen instead of any good things. If I mention something I’m excited about – like my trip – I would hear “The weather will be bad, your flight will be delayed) on and on. So I think I received in the genetic factor.
When I get positive and feel good about myself I feel the world is mine. The problem is – don’t disappoint me. I can’t handle it. I’m working on that to.
The amazing thing is a make nice jewelry. My biggest goal or hope is that one day someone will want to put them in their shop for sale. Then they will call me and say they want more. That’s my dream. Why can’t be successful like other people. I’m 57 years old and I haven’t given up yet. I will keep plugging it. That’s one thing that I have improved on. I use to give up when the tough got going. Things are too good right now because of the economy. But that’s just it – right now. It’s not forever and I have forever to make my dream come true. I believe in afterlife so wherever I am – I might happy and married owning my little shop of dreams. THANK POSITIVE! It feels better.


Visit my JewellsDreams shop and tell me what you think.

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