Whose Moving My Purse? Stealing My Paper?

This morning was a crazy morning!  My manic depression or  mania or Dementia really got me.  I did not know where my head was – I looked and looked for it.  This morning started by going out in the chilling freezing air to get the paper for my mom.   I tossed it on the chair in her room and went about my business.  She yelled, “I can’t find it!” “It’s on the chair mom!”  About that time I looked down and there it was on my bed under some junk.   I don’t remember bringing the paper to my room.

Another weird episode – I had sold some turquoise beads on the Internet and of course I was excited.    I knew they were still at my apartment –  where –  I don’t know since I have been packing, and stuff is just scattered all over the place.  I went home searched the place from top to bottom.  Boy did the mania kick in – Okay Mr. Ghost, Spirit whoever, where are my beads?  I’m tired of losing things and I’m tired of you taking them.  Yes, I’m crazy, but I have to blame someone.

I finally just gave up and took a step and deep breath back and went to the house.  The next morning I was asked if I had found the beads.  “No, I didn’t.”  Suddenly I heard a whisper in my mind “Check the on the dresser.”  I walked in my room and there on the dresser was my decorated box and it all came back that I had transferred my supplies into that box.  Wow, stupid, stupid!  Needless to say I sent the beads to the buyer at  no charge since it was a inconvenience for her.  My fault not hers.  Why does this keep happening to me?

The spacey forgetfulness is getting worse.  Today, I kept passing the turns and exits on the road.

I feel that I have so much going on in my head about moving into my folks home to take care of them and leaving my independent home.  I will no longer have my space.

Talking about strange.  At one time, my mom would at no price let my dog (Pomeranian) come into the house.  Of course, with the situation as it was she knew the dog would have to come.  No way was I giving him away!   The unexplained truth?  She now loves my dog!   If he was to boop or tear up the trash she would say. “Well, he’s bored.”   HA!

Mom cries a lot with daddy in the nursing home – she had a crying spell right before I got home.  She then started to cry and tell me “You know what? cry, cry…your dog heard me crying and he came in here and set right by me with his little head looking up at me and then laid his head down.  He cared….cry… cry…!  I will never be able to take that dog away from here.  My how things can change in an instant.

I wonder if anything happens to anyone else out there – Do you hear whispers?  I’ve been told that it’s actually intuition and that it’s God whispering let you know what to do.  Just listen to him.

What causes  a person to just totally forget something.?  Could it be the bipolar, or maybe I’m getting Dementia like my parents.  Does it run in the family?  Heredity?

3 thoughts on “Whose Moving My Purse? Stealing My Paper?

  1. “The spacey forgetfulness is getting worse. Today, I kept passing the turns and exits on the road.”

    I like to say: ‘just call me Space Cadet’ with a salute. Hehe

    It’s one of those really frustrating things because once it starts… I mean, you know you’re spacey on the one hand but the point is that’s what you are. And that’s sort of that for me mostly, until someone or something interrupts the whole messy ball o’ wax.

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