What Will Today Bring – Dementia or Bipolar? Maybe Hope?

My mom is up one day and down the next. I think it’s her bipolar I can’t tell some time. The other day she was able to walk and wanted to go everywhere. The day before she was down and didn’t want to go out- just sit in her chair. She also was having memory problem.

Same with my dad. He is trying so hard to prove there’s nothing wrong with him. I’m afraid he tries to do too much. The same with him. He is motivated full of energy one day and then the next he’s just not here and has problems with memory. The biggest problem is the remote control for Direct TV. They just can’t remember how to work them. They’re two remotes, TV & Direct TV for both TV’s. I even put a piece of tape on each one of them showing TV or Direct TV. But it still doesn’t work.

The other day my dad kept accusing me of taking manuals for his cameras. I told him that I had no need for them and it’s possible he just misplaced him. My dad turned into something pretty scary. His entire personality changed – He face froze and just looked at me and said, “You don’t talk to your daddy that way. Just don’t do it” He didn’t raise his voice it was just real firm and scary. When I wake each morning I never know who is going to be here. As far as for me. I’m trying to stay sane. I got another job making more money and close to home. I have been praying a lot and it seems that God is listening. I finally stopped drinking & smoking, got a better paying job that’s close to home and my dream store on eBay is looking good. I’m real happy in that area and that’s what keeps me going. Right now I’m having problems with my heel. It’s been painful to walk on now for almost a month. I believe it’s from doing more walking, lifting, and carrying heavy items when I was moving. I had no help and just a bout had to do everything myself.

Let’s see what today brings.

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