All I Do Is Sleep – I Can’t Deal With This – Does It Stop?

I started taking the medication Carbamazomepine.  Look at the blog below.  Can’t spell something I’m taking.  How do I stay awake?  The only thing I know to do is cut it in half.  I can’t life from day do day like this   How am I doing to work.  This is what happen Lithium.    Now, my dad just came in to tell me that my brother got a great job.  Sorry Dad, I’m a bum  Sorry, Dad I can’t live in the world like normal people.  What am I to do.  Doesn’t anyone have a plan.  I need help here.


6 thoughts on “All I Do Is Sleep – I Can’t Deal With This – Does It Stop?

  1. darknightofthesoulus says:


    It sounds like the dosage of medication you were prescribed maybe way too much.

    Perhaps you should call the person who prescribed them, and tell them what the medication is doing to you.

    I am not familiar with the one medication you are taking that begins with a C, but I am very familiar with the Larazapan, which is a generic version of Ativan. That was the only drug they gave me that ever did me any good. It’s a calm me down pill and it worked well for me when I’d start to get a little bonkers.

    Eventually, the medication they were giving me began turning me into a Zombie, and I didn’t like that. And some of their medication made me feel very suicidal too, and that’s not good either. And so I stopped taking all their medication since it seemed to be doing me more harm than good.

    I am not suggesting that you do what I did, I’m simply sharing with you what I did.

    It’s a difficult Journey to make when you have companions like Major Depression and Bi Polar as traveling companions.

    Perhaps keeping a “Private” (hidden) journal might be helpful for you. You can write your thoughts in there and date them. Then when you re-read them, perhaps they will give you ideas about things you can do that might make your personal reality a better one.

    Good luck and keep Blogging.

    • Thanks for your comment. Since the last post, I have gotten much better. I split the dosage in half and it has been much better. Yesterday was my first now of actual serenity. I was calm all day. I actually was able to make a plan and stick with it. Usually I never can finish it. I will go back to the doctor in a few weeks for blood test to see how everything is. They monitor me constantly, which I like. I appreciate the comments. keep them coming.

  2. Thanks. I haven’t worked a real 8 – 5 job for a while. The last job I made the mistake of telling someone my illness, the next thing I know I’m being accused of losing things, forgetting, and then I lost the job. My last real job was in 1997 when I worked for a really great company I lost a relationship with someone I had for 5 hears and my son left for the army. For some reason I couldn’t handle. Being abused in my marriage and then this trauma just did me in. I haven’t been the same since. Thank you for being a friend and good luck with your finances. Keep coming back – today was an okay day. I couldn’t wait to get home.

  3. I’m glad to hear you are giving this med a go atleast for now. I know it’s hard but meds can take so long to really work for us. No I don’t work right now, I’m a stay at home mom and have started looking for work for financial reasons but no hope yet. I haven’t worked in over 8 years and actually if I were to get hired I’m not sure if I could go through with it. They think of it as an excuse to not work because they don’t understand and that’s because they don’t have to live with what you do from day to day. It’s hard to understand something that you don’t have to experience on your own. I know it’s not an excuse and hey I hear ebay can be a very lucretive business! My only suggestions are not to give up and play around with your meds until you can find the right combo for you.

  4. I know it’s hard. How long have you been taking the med? I myself am at a point where I am giving up because I can’t afford to purchase meds or go to the doctor and I’m frustrated and my Bipolar is totally out of control.
    I WAS taking Seroquel which would knock me completely out so I did a little playing around and found taking my med at night was great, I got sleep and could actually wake up in the morning although I was groggy, coffee fixed that for me.
    I hope you can find a solution, or atleast something that can work for you. Remember this is YOUR health so if the meds are really having a negaitive effect on you and your life, tell your doctor ASAP!
    I wish you happy wakefulness.

    • I’ve only been taking it since Friday. This morning I tried to just take half and so far so good. Although I am steel tired. I went to a mental health clinic that is sponsored by a place called Northstar. I got to see a doctor, a case worker and get my meds for 15.00. If they approve me it will be nothing. I’ve never heard of Seroquel. Do you work? If so that’s got to be hard. I’m not working right now and bipolar is a big reason I’m not. Even if taking your med at night helps keep doing – drink coffee, green tea. I understand. I’m going to give this one a shot. Taking 1/2 seems to work but it’s only one day. I have Lorezpam for my mania which does get out of control. My main problem is that my family doesn’t think I have it. Well my dad and brother. Their both negative. They think I’m using as a excuse not to work. I work on my ebay that works just fine for me right now. Thanks again.

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