Disability for Bipolar

I checked into this because I’m having a hard time keeping a job on bipolar.  At least that’s what I’ve been told.  I have bipolar.  Or is this just a disease they say you have when you act nutty.  Maybe your naturally nutty.  I don’t know, but I know I have some kind of problem.  I don’t know when it started but I might of been born with it.  My mom has it.  But then they say sometimes atrauma might of caused it.  What ever the case may be I’m tired of being crazy.  Going wild at times and crying at others.  Flying high like I’m on top of the world other times in bed with the blanket over my head.  I haven’t been able to hold a job now for 4 years and finally decided to check into Disability.  Today, I got my paperwork to go to their doctor to get checked out.  Is that good news?  What is a test for bipolar?  I’ve never had a true test.  Plus, their testing me for dementia.  What is dementia and how is it tested.   The point is – I had no insurance to get these tests and I’m so glad that now I can find out for sure – if this doctor is good – to find out if I have bipolar or a tumor LOL.  Wish me luck

2 thoughts on “Disability for Bipolar

  1. That’s so funny. I was in a rehab hospital after I broke my leg in many places. They no place for me on the orthopedic floor so I went to the trauma floor where all the coma, stroke victims went. In fact, a stroke victim was my roommate. Very depressing. Then one day there was this girl that was sitting in the hallway with her brain almost gone. I almost lost it. Here I was with a retarded leg and this girl had no brain. I went mad and started screaming and crying. They sent a doctor in and he said I was bipolar. What do you mean, I asked. Your moods are up and down. I was like well you be in here.

    Thanks for writing

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