Side Effects of Carabamazepine (Tegretol)

I’m taking Carabamazepine (Tegretol) for bipolar and it’s been a trip. I’ve been taking it since May 11. 2009, and side effects have been tough at times. I take two at night and one in the morning. Yesterday morning I felt great. I took mom to the doctor around 9am but then started to feel a little dizzy and then it smoothed out. I had cereal when I took it so maybe that’s the reason.Your not suppose to take it without food.

It is now 6:50am and while writing this I am very dizzy. I haven’t had a chance to have the cereal but still dizzy. It’s this way all the time I never know how the medicine is going to react. It’s really hard to work on this medicine, Carabamazepine. Two mornings ago, Monday, I felt terrible. I had felt like I had gone on an evening drunk and had a terrible hangover. My eyes felt droopy, my head hurt and was very tired. After about an hour or so it mellowed out and I was okay, still tired all day. It was a tough one. It differs everyday. Other side effects is the mild headaches, my skin itches, my mouth had this bad taste and is dry. At times I feel like I’m having anxiety attacks. My heart is racing and I’m having deep breathing and taking breathes occasionally. Will it mellow out for good over time? I have hepatitis C and I read that Carabamazepine is very bad for your liver. Now why would I be given a pill that is bad for me. I called the clinic and told them I wanted to come in and get a blood test. If my liver count goes up what pill can I take? What if I can’t take any? Do I just go crazy. Another question, why do we take pills that make us feel bad. I don’t get it why take something that can do bad things to us. I don’t get it. So what’s the answer. Is there another pill out there that isn’t so bad on the liver? Is there a pill that doesn’t have side effects? So far I haven’t found any.

I am now going to the clinic to get a blood test to check the count of the Tegretol and the enzymes of my liver.  I need to make sure I’m not dying.  The clinic is for people who don’t make much money and they offer a insurance that pays for everything.  I was approved for it so this is good.  I paid $583.00 a month ago at my doctors.  If I’d know about this clinic I could of saved money.  Of course, I haven’t paid it yet.  Times are tough.  Results later.

6 thoughts on “Side Effects of Carabamazepine (Tegretol)

  1. That’s good your not feeling depressed or hopeless. Having two small children – your braver than I.

    The medication helping me pretty much. This may sound weird I haven’t cried in a long time. I was totally cold – I was angry all the time. Lately, I have emotions again, but good emotions. My mom has been sleeping too much and I went to her yesterday morning and asked her please to get up and we cried together. I was so afraid that she was giving up on life. It’s a good feeling to have feelings again. I didn’t before. I do owe that to this medication. I’m not as depressed. It was manic that I had a problem with and that’s always been hard to control. If that happens I take the Loresapam, especially when I get the headaches.

    Your right why do we have to take medicine that makes us feel like crap. I don’t get it. I itch, my head hurts, I’m gaining weigh and some more I can’t think of right now.

    I’m trying to get eBay up and going strong because I need money bad. I’m trying to get to my son’s place in North Carolina so I can see my grandson. Oh, and I was told there is another one on the way. I’m so tired all the time it’s hard to stay at the computer.

    You bet, I’ll let you know about the tests. Thank you I love writing. I was always told that I was terrible at writing.

  2. I hear you on the tiredness issue. I’m so tired all of the time, atleast during the day and with 2 small children, that’s not a good thing. I guess the good thing is I’m not feeling depressed or hopeless anymore. How is it helping you mentally? I’m okay mentally most of the time but physically I’m in hell.
    I don’t understand why they prescribed you this medication when you have Hep C. I’m sure they know what they are doing since they are the ones with the ph.d but I’m curious how your tests come out.
    Oh and your welcome 🙂 I like your blog.

  3. Yes, I feel everything hat I have been putting in it. I’ve never heard of Seroquel and Lamictal. But I will ask about it. The side effects on Tegretol goes to from one extreme to another. I’ll take two at night and sometimes I feel great other times I’ll feel like I got drunk the night before and a hangover. Today I’ve had a headache. I took some Loresapam and it went away. What bothers me the most is being tired. I don’t get what I want to get done during the day. I just want to sleep. I went to this mental clinic my doctor told me about that as a insurance called Northstar. They approved me so I get my medication free. I don’t have a job so I have no insurance. This is been a savior for me.
    I will get the blood tests back soon to see what’s going on. I have Hep C that I got over 30 years ago and this drug is very bad on the liver so I hope it will be okay. Thanks for contacting me again.

  4. Unfortunately since our bodies have to filter out everything we put in it, our liver and kidneys do so much of that work. No I haven’t found anything without side effects, although when I was first diagnosed a little over two years ago they placed me on Seroquel and Lamictal and I didn’t notice any horrible side effects because I took them right before bed so I slept through the side effects. I don’t have insurance that will pay for those two and I sure couldn’t afford the tab on them so I’m stuck going the cheapest route. I’m taking Tegretol, Atarax, and two other meds that I can’t remember the name of right at this time. I didn’t know I should eat with the Tegretol though, maybe if I do that I won’t feel so horrible all of the time. Seems pointless to be taking something to make me feel better mentally but it makes me feel awful physically. I hope you are doing better now.

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