Alone with Bipolar at 19

I discovered I had bipolar since my teens.  In 1979, when I graduated from High School I went the wrong direction in life.   I discovered my journals dated back to 1971.  They were so sad and bipolar like that it made me cry.  The following is the poem I wrote.  If you discover your teen writing poems like this you need to take a look at her mental self.

I’m Alone

Sitting in the corner of a crowded room feeling all alone. I can hear their laughter.  I can’t hear mine.

How can one laugh when there’s nothing to laugh about?  I’m all alone… I feel as though no one knows I exist.  Desperately, I want to laugh and never quit.  But, all I get is this sadness inside me.

I can feel the tears coming to my eyes. I hear many voices in my head.  I don’t know who I am, not knowing what is real and what’s not.  I feel like I don’t exist.  Am I  here, who am I?

Vickie H.@ 19  :1971

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