Obsession – Part of Bipolar?

Let’s talk obsession.  Is it a symptom of Bipolar?  If it is or isn’t I’ve got it.  It’s not as bad since I started Lithium.  I was once diagnosed with obsessive disorder.  What’s obsession?  “A persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling.” I feel that obsession is part of mania since that’s when it usually occurs.

When I find something new and interesting I get so excited that I just throw my whole self into it. This may sound strange, but I’m obsessed with True Blood the HBO series on TV.  I decided one day I wanted to join Netflix to rent TV shows I have missed.  Just so happens True Blood popped out at me.  I don’t get HBO so I haven’t seen the series.   I decided to get the first season.  I was hooked on the very first disc, 1st episode. I loved it!  It had everything – humor, horror, sex, vampires!  When I finished disc 1 I hurried to take the disc to the post office box so I could get disc 2.  Got it watched it and WOW! again I couldn’t get enough.  Accidentally, I came across books that were inspired by the True Blood series. So I bought the first book, then the second, third, oh what the heck! I bought them all.  It’s so hard to put the books down.  I’ve become obsessed!   I haven’t felt this much adrenaline since my last orgasm 4 years ago!

I love the romance between Bill and Sookie.  In fact, I found something out about Sookie and Bill and I had to go to the store and read the book that followed. so I knew what happened.  I’ve even got the comic book, True Blood.  I can’t wait until Season 3, but I’ll probably be through with the books by then. What am I going to do when I get through Season 3?  Is there going to be a Season 4?  This has to keep going. I look forward to every disc and book.  I actually get anxiety on the thought that True Blood will be over some day.  I mean if you finish the books the series is finished.  Oh, I could watch these DVD’s over and over.

I want to mention I have not been able to read and finish a book in years.  I could never get past the 1st page without feeling anxiety.   I could never comprehend what I was reading. I would have to read the page over and over again. 

The True Blood series by Charlaine Harris kept me reading and reading. I feel since I saw the series itself and know what the people look like I could relate. Plus, I could vision the characters as I read – it’s great!   Right now, I can see Bill’s face so pretty.  Yes, I’ve gone overboard.

When I become obsessed with something I spend my time focusing on that one thing.  I have to know everything and have to have everything.  I believe that obsession is part of bipolar.  It’s just like you have a hard time focusing on something, because you get confused.  The opposite – you or I can become obsessed over something because it promotes energy like mania.   Taking medications takes some of the thrills away.  

I’m enjoying my obsession with True Blood.  It gets me excited and gives me energy that I don’t normally  have.  That’s the trick having something your interested it will help you get out of your funk.



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