Bipolar: Back on my own again


My Guardian Angel - Astar

I’m taking a giant step in a few weeks.  I’m moving to North Carolina after living with my folks for two years taking care of the who have Alzheimer’s.  Doctors tell me I need to take care of me.  At the same time I’m slowing going to ween myself off Effexor XR.   I don’t know what’s worse the drug or going through security at the airport and being manhandled.  The last time I went they frisked me.  I did not like. My bipolar really kicks in at the airports.  I get mad…..I tried to maintain myself.

Anyway, the lord must be working his ways in me.  I have asked for this dream for a long time.  Since I’ve learned how to use my intuition I’ve learned how to work the rules.  I was looking for a cottage on Carolina Beach.  I had put an ad  on Facebook and boom not even a day went by when I contacted about a nice 3 bedroom cottage near the beach. All furnished only $675 a month!  I couldn’t believe it.  That’s about half of what I get from social security disability payments.  I just have to sell a lot of sunglasses and other product. 

While I am in Wilmington, NC , I was going to look for a permanent place to live.  My son, two grand babies live there and I want to watch them grow up before I get too old.  I’ve always wanted to be grandma and be close to my son. He’s my  only child and I need to be close to him.

Then a surprising thing happen. The same lady that I’m renting the cottage from called me to let me know they bought a house in the middle of town and  will be fixing it up just like their other houses and the rent will be the same or less.  It’s near the bus stop since I will have no car.

So far it looks good.  My life has never looked this good. I’m witing for the punch line I guess.  I just pray my Bipolar and weening myself from Effexor when be taken care of god since I’m putting him in charge of this.

5 thoughts on “Bipolar: Back on my own again

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    • Thank you. I spend so much time going through themes. I really don’t like any of them so I decided to do it myself. I picked a theme that had headers, theme options, backgrounds ,etc. You have to make sure you pick one that will allow headers. I searched good images until I found something I liked. I went through a lot and fell in love with it. As far as subject. I write about bipolar because I’m bipolar. I’ve been doing a lot of research about it plus other illness. Anytime I get a pain I look it up to what could of caused it. I’m learning a lot. Have bipolar some like me are very sensitive to sound and feeling. I’ve used this to help me through life. Anyway thanks for writing

    • Effexor is a dangerous drug to quit cold turkey. It’s just not good for me. I’m sick all the time. I thought pills were to help you feel better. My mania is worse than it was before. The only thing it does for me is give me more energy, but its anxiety energy. I can go to sleep at night because that’s when I get my nervious energy. I’m so tired the next morning and again I have to take another pill. I started this morning by halfing the capsule. I’ll do this for a week and then pull a few grains out each week. I hope it works. Thanks for your comment. What I’m doing is only for me others need to decide for themself.

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