Being Honest About Bipolar Can Open Doors

My new year is starting off¬†by going to look at a possible new place to live.¬† It’s actually sharing with a couple of women my age.¬† I’m not real sure about it until I meet them. ¬†I haven’t shared with anyone since 1976 when I was married.¬† It’s a big house in a great location, however, I will be leaving the beach area.¬†¬† I love living here on the beach.¬† Everyone is so friendly and you can walk everywhere except where I need to go – the doctor.

My son or daughter in law have to come and get me to take me places¬†I need to go. ¬† There’s no buses and taxi’s are expensive.¬†¬† With¬†bipolar¬†I¬†need to be under a doctor’s care.¬† In fact,¬†I have my first appointment with a new doctor in two days.¬† Plus, my medicare starts.¬†¬†

While looking for a new place I’m asked the question, “What kind of job to you have?”¬† When I tell them I’m on Disability they treated me differently with the concern whether or not I could pay for an apartment.¬†¬†I didn’t want to say I had bipolar and¬†on disability.¬†¬† That wouldn’t work.¬† Some people don’t¬†understand it¬†and in fact, I’ve been asked if¬†I’m an axe killer.¬† HA! ha HA!

I decided to¬†look at these run down cheap homes, but found they were not in¬†great locations.¬† I started getting frustration and that’s when I decided to look on Craigslist¬†for people who are looking to share. I thought I would never hear that word “share.”¬† I lived shared twice in my life once when I was 18 an swore I would never do it again, and when I got married.¬†The marriage didn’t last and I’ve on my own since 1976.¬† That’s a lot of independency.¬† But it was also the start of my problems.¬†

I was thumbing through ads one after other getting very discouraged. I tried everyday and then this one ad popped out “Looking for a mature woman to share a large house in a nice area”¬† I called and a nice lady answered the phone.¬† Turns out she’s the same age as I am so that’s a good thing.¬† We arranged to the following weekend.¬†

Later that day, I took a walk to the beach and sat on a bench. It’s my special¬†place to go talk to God.¬† We had a conversation, but I was doing most of the talking.¬† I told him about this opportunity and asked him please bring me someone who will be a great friend and place to live.¬† I told him I will listen and make the decision he has given me.¬†¬† I felt something positive out of my¬†conversation.

The day had come and my son came to pick me up to take me to meet my potential roommate.¬† I was very nervous.¬† The door opened and there stood my new roommate.¬† I knew it!¬†¬† There was complete chemistry.¬† We talked and I had briefly¬†told her on the phone that I was on disability, but I received a steady check each month.¬†¬† Then, she did as the question.¬† Why are you on disability?¬† She had the right to know if she was bringing a stranger into her house.¬† I took a deep breath¬†and just blurted it out “I have Bipolar.¬† But I’m not an axe murder.” She didn’t laugh. I was waiting for something.¬† Then she said, “I’m so glad you were honest about that because I know it was hard for you.”¬†

Later, we were discussing the big move and she asked  me what I thought and I told her I loved it.  My dog will have a big playmate.  She said that she felt it would be a good match and she was very happy I told her about bipolar that it meant a  lot to her.

Later that evening she called me and asked when I could move in. I jumped for joy and thanks God for his help.    

There is a time and place to tell someone you have bipolar.¬† Mostly it’s nobody’s¬†business. But if your going to have a relationship with someone like moving in as a roommate you should tell them.¬† That way they can understand your moves.¬† So I’m very excited.

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