People Don’t Understand Bipolar

My Escape

I use to hide my illness from people because I was ashamed of it.  Then, when I started treatment and feeling better I thought “Why Hide It.”  Now I know.

I’ve been living on the East Coast for about a year and hadn’t made any friends since I hadn’t gone out much.  But then I met a neighbor while walking our dogs.  She asked me if I would like to go on a tour to one of the islands, and of course I accepted.  We had a great time!  Another time she asked me to dinner and again I accepted.   I have to say that I thought she was a pretty strange individual.  She never smiled, frowned all the time and would hardly look you in the eye.

We went to dinner at this great place on the beach for fish tacos and conversation started.  I really don’t know how it came how but I don’t her about the bipolar (big mistake) and then I noticed she started looking at me funny.  I asked what the problem was and she said – “Your always complaining, you shouldn’t be drinking (I had one drink), and I had a friend who was bipolar and she went crazy when she drank. “She then said, “I try not to associate myself with negative people.” She was judging me before she really knew me by comparing me with the friend who has bipolar – she use to have.  Actually I felt like I was in a nightmare.  I told her she was judging me, and that I shouldn’t have mentioned my illness since she wasn’t even a confirmed friend.  I said, “You don’t know me enough to judge me.”  I had her take me home.

I do have a tendency to talk too much.  Well, that’s going to stop.  New resolution – zip the lips!

I learned – Don’t tell people who you hardly know about your illness or anything that’s none of your business.  They do look at you strangely and some are actually afraid.  We get labeled by some as crazy.

What is Bipolar –

  • Bipolar disorder is also called manic depression, and it appears to be caused by electrochemical abnormalities in the brain. TV shows like to show people with bipolar disorder as criminals, but don’t worry — only a small percentage are ever violent, and I’m not one of them!
  •  “Mania” and “manic” don’t mean “crazy” — they refer to extra high emotions, full of energy, fast talking, too much talking,  not needing much sleep,  impulsiveness.

4 thoughts on “People Don’t Understand Bipolar

  1. I too use to hide it, but mostly because I was in serious denial. I devastated my life for the second time by my own actions/decisions and had to acknowledge my mental health. Now I am an open book. I do wait a while for people to get to know me so they actually have an honest opinion of my character and then it is all cards out. 🙂 I have to do it, for myself. I am tired of the silence.
    We all do what we must to get by with this illness… and I applaud you for writing about yours.
    It truly is therapy, and educating as well.

    • Lady Hawk says:

      Thank you for your comment. Your very smart not to open up to soon. I learned my lesson. Now when I meet someone new I’m not Bipolar and not my age. Let them get to know me. When I start getting better I look back at some of the people I knew and how they disappeared. Now I know why. I was crazy! It’s funny how when you get better with a clearer mine (drinking) you look back and lot of things come to light. I use tosay what’s wrong with them when it was me. Good luck and come back.

  2. wildflowers' movement says:

    Many people ‘talk too much’. Being aware of the talking and listening when you are with someone is essential. It seems she judged you for that reason…and also because you pointed out that she was judging. I think you got too defensive. If you are confident in yourself, you will not let other opinions bother you. It’s all her, it’s not you.

    • Jewells says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I guess I did get on the defensive side. Being Bipolar isn’t easy and I’ve worked hard on getting where I am today. I haven’t been in that situation – she had a scary look! Just to let you know I haven’t gotten together with her since. We just say hello in passing. I’m still working on a lot of issues that’s why I write and appreciate your comments. I compliment you on your blog.

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