Warning: Be Careful What You Write

Boy, the morning started off terrible!  I got an email regarding a post in another blog where I mentioned certain individuals, but never any names.  It seems the parties came across my blog, which was written over a year ago. Believe me I don’t even remember writing it.  I was so sick going through different medications there’s no telling what I wrote.

At first, I actually thought it was a joke!   I didn’t mention people names and I don’t know how in the world they came across the blog.   I seeked out the post and deleted it.  I can’t seem to figure out how they knew it was about them?  Or, how did they know it was my blog. I was so upset when I read the email I became ill.

At first, I considered to stop writing.  But then I thought, “No! Writing has been my healer.”  When I was going through many phases of my bipolar – I would write when I became angry, depressed, manic, etc.  Once I wrote it down the feelings went away.  If I stop writing it’s like taking a part of me away. It’s called “Writing for Therapy.”  With my ADD I  have problems with grammar and sentence structure.  However, that’s what makes it real.  Starting the New Year I have so much to write about.  Life has been good these last 3 months and I want to tell you why.  I’ve got goals and changes coming my way.  How?  I’m going to work at it and write about it.


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