Without Me the World Might Not Smile Without My Pictures

Am I in Italy or Heaven?

It seems I’ve Iive my life in fear and repetitions.  I wake, I sleep, eat, and ask what am I doing today ? What am I doing with my life?   I ask these questions all the time and I’m still here.  Why not just take the easy way out?

Why? Because there are people who love me and the worse thing in the world is to kill myself and leave my family behind with them wondering if they did something wrong, and they didn’t.  I’m trying so hard to make something of myself.  I can’t work so I crotchet, paint, photograph, write, and sell on eBay.  I keep wishing that one day that I might be successful. They’re days I just give up.trying. But then at the same time some kind of strength pulls me from the depths of hell providing me with strength to move on. I should have been dead a long time ago according to the doctor.

I love photography and recently I picked my camera up again, and started taking pictures.  I also got involved with a professional photographer who happen to have bipolar as well.  Bad mistake!.  But for a few weeks went places and took pictures feeling I did a great job.  I haven’t taken pictures in a long time.  I’ve been afraid that I couldn’t do it.  If anything, I learned some things from him.  But I also found it’s hard to be around someone else with Bipolar.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my pictures.  Soon I’m have some up for sale.

Everyday I think that I would better off not in this world, but on the other hand who would color the world and make people smile if I didn’t at least try.
One thing you will find there are some very famous artitist, photographers, musicians, etc. who are bipolar.  We look at the world  with different colors and tunes and love.

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