I Hate Flying!

Bipolar and flying are not my favorite thing.  I panic before I even get to the airport!  I start thinking about what if this, what if that, or could this happen.  It’s so stressful!  You have to rush and get your shoes off, take off your belt or anything that might sound the alarm, your phone and the computer.  For women we practically have to leave everything at home and buy new when we get to our destinations.  I just buy samples.

Just when you think your through the tough part –  I’m always sitting in zone 5 so by the time I reach my seat the overhead is already full with luggage.  Your suppose to bring on two pieces of luggage right?  The airline people don’t pay attention to those things.   All airline people must hate their jobs – is that their rude?

After one Jalapeno bagel egg biscuit, two cups of coffee and a bottled water (how much is that?) we were finally in the air again.   It took two hours and 10 minutes and one Zero Coke and some kind of miniature cookie.  Hey, it was free!  What a trip.  Makes me want to fly more.

That’s my bipolar vent for today.  The good thing – I’ve alive and safe. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Hate Flying!

  1. I agree completely! The airport is definitely a trigger-place for anxiety and bp episodes. I had to create a new traveling system to make myself more comfortable! I no longer wear belts, I wear slip on shoes, and I make sure everything is in my bag and not in my pockets. After I’m done going through security, I park on a bench for as long as I need to put my ID back in my wallet and get everything properly organized and not lost!

    It might be worth it to figure out how to cope with specific triggers for you. Also, bringing healthy snacks helps your mind and your wallet! 🙂

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