Back Home and Safe

My trip to Dallas was great except the trip to the airport and back.  I get so scared that I’m going to lose my airlines ticket, baggage, or even my mind.  I have a fear going through security, but this time it wasn’t so bad. On my departure we connected in Charlotte, NC took off and circled for 2 hours until we were notified there was a problem.  They were burning fuel so they could land and return to base.  I was proud of myself – I didn’t panic.  It was just a long day.

My visit with my mom was wonderful, but it was too short, because it seemed that we only begun. It was said to say goodbye as she stool on the porch waving and blowing a kiss.  So sad.  I hated to leave her, but it was time.

Like I said the only time I thought I would panic was the delay in Charlotte, NC.  Nope, it was when I returned the rental car.  I was told I could return the car and get the gas cheaper than buying it myself.  Evidently, I was misinformed or I thought wrong.  The lady at the counter said, “You realize the cost of gas from us to fill the car.”  Yes, “I said, $3.59.”  I was totally wrong.  It was $ 8.59!  Boy, I wish I could listen better!

I told the lady there’s no way in hell that I was going to pay that much for gas!  I could feel my face getting hot, and my was heart racing.  I just looked at her and asked what am I to do?  She said just a minute I’ll be right back.

The counter lady was back after a few minutes and she said the manager approved the lower price. Yea!  Boy was I happy and expressed my gratitude!

Now I’m and ready to get to work on photography assignments!

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