Lithium is Toxic

I was told by my doctor how toxic Lithium was, and now I totally agree with her.  In my previous post I discussed the prescribed dose of Lithium I was taking.  I went from Lithium 300mm x 2 to 450mg x 2.  That’s a big jump!  Not only that the 450mg is an extended release version.  For the first week I was really sick – the bathroom was my closest friend.  I had bad headaches, very irritable, confusion, and some memory loss.  All I could think about was “This drug is going to kill me.”

I cut back on the 450mg x 2 to only taking one a day.  Still I felt really crappy.  Now, I’m back on my regular Lithium of 300mg x 2.  My poor body has gone through so much – this pill that pill. Yuck!  Is this good for you?  I wish so badly that I could stop taking my meds completely, but I know that would be committing suicide.


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