Almost Normal

Seal Gull Carolina BeachI went to the doctor yesterday and informed her of the side effects of the Lithium ER.  I also added “Do you think they will give me a refund on these meds?” A way of saying my money went down the tubes.  She was really sorry about it – that’s what she kept saying.  She said she still wants to get more Lithium in my system since my levels of Lithium is very low.  So she has added 150 mg of the regular Lithium I’ve been taking for a long time.  So that’s 750 mg a day including my Zoloft and Trazodone.  I’m unable to take any other meds because of my liver (Hep C).

I’m going to sit back and relax and let things just flow.  Did I just say that?

I recently purchased a used car and I feel like my life is back. I feel amazing having a car!  I now can go when ever I need something without asking for help.  I’m exploring places that I haven’t explored.  I feel like my independence has been returned to me.  That doesn’t mean I’m cured it just helps me know I have my own control and no one else does. That means a lot to me.

That’s my update.  Take care!

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