Manic or Normal

Is This My Brain?

Is This My Brain?

Is spending most of my time on the computer normal?  From the time I wakeup in the morning until I decide to go to bed at dead I spent the it on the computer.  Whether it be on Facebook, Etsy or here on WordPress.  It doesn keep me busy.  The problem is there are times that I stay up most of the night on the computer. Is this Manic? Sometimes I don’t know what the difference it.

Is this normal?  Do other people do the same thing?  You see I think I’m the only one that does this, therefore, I think I’m abnormal.  There’s no one to tell me any different.

I’m going to accept the craziness that I do,  otherwise, I’ll go bonkers!  I feel it’s okay to do something out of the ordinary.  Life would be boring.  As long as I do it without the normal unsane people around me. 🙂

Manic or normal?

2 thoughts on “Manic or Normal

  1. lettercollection says:

    It depends. Do you always spend every moment awake on the computer? Or does it happen in cycles? If you notice a pattern of spending all of your time on the computer and periods when you don’t, then it may be mania. Otherwise, it may be boredom or fear of having to go out and interact with others in person. In this case, many people who have fears about social interaction or social anxiety seem to find comfort in engaging online rather than in person. Just something to consider.

    • Jewells says:

      I think it’s a mix. Boredom happens because I let it happen. There is a lot to do in this town. As far as t he computer I do it too much when I really need to get and do some photo shoots. A lot of my time is organizing, creating and researching. And, I do find comfort in the social scene especially facebook. Here recently, I’ve been trying to come out of my comfort zone by submitting my photography to art shows and gallery’s. My fear is rejection. Right now I have some in a gallery for about a month and tomorrow is the reception. I tried to find someone to go with me for support, but nada. Do I go by myself? This is something important to me and I should try to come out of my comfort zone. This is hard for me. Thank you for your comment.

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