I haven’t been here in a while because life has really has  been looking up for me.  It’s been busy and unforgettable.  Ever since I picked up a camera my life has gone into new directions. I’ve found something that I enjoy and love that I seem to be good.  It’s given me a new-found meaning to life  and purpose.  It has given me life and love, and new friends. I have a fabulous bunch of new friends.  It as grown into a passion that has given me love of life.

Photography, is a way to express your emotions and feelings.  It’s a way to lose yourself in a world of indifference yet into a  world of reality. It’s been my companion, my education, and my humanity.  It’s something that I know how to do.  Before, when I was working in the corporate world,  I knew I was in the wrong field. I couldn’t use my strengths, which was my creativity, and it  that left me feeling obsolete and helpless.  Now, I’m feeling all of it.   Life is good.

Taking your medications is very important, so I do not recommend doing anything that I mention here.  Lately, I have not been taking as many milligrams of Lithium as I have been.  I am taken my Paxil, 3  blood pressure pills, and 1 lithium.   I then fill my day full of hopes and dreams, along with different projects to keep me  busy.   Life is good.

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