Medication Can Cause More Harm Than Good

Into the Fog


Over the last 6 months or longer I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain, forgetfulness, cloudy head, poor eyesight, and dizziness (vertigo). I really feel bad.

It was time for me to get my medications refilled, but first, I had to get a new psychiatrist.  I did not like the last one.  She didn’t spend too much time with me and kept wanting to experiment on me.  Sometimes she would forget what I was taking.

I met with the new doctor last week and at first I didn’t think I would like him.He seemed mean.  I’m very sensitive and my feelings get hurt easy.  I know I know – tough skin.   We went over my meds and he kept shaking his head.   His diagnosis – I have bipolar, I do have ADD, Depression.  But, I’ve been given the wrong treatment.  I’m not taking enough Lithium to help but enough to cause harm to my mind and body.  My blood pressure Hydrochlorothiazide and “water pill” increases the level of lithium  My body is actually being poisoned by interaction of the two.   He will be changing the Lithium out, as well as, antidepressants, which I’m taking two of and shouldn’t be.  The medications are causing weight gain and body aches, along with other symptoms.  Lithium can cause kidney problems which I already have.

Summary:  I’ve been given the wrong medications and dosages for my mental illness.  My mind and body is screwed up.  He says I’m in the danger zone.   I have not been treated for bipolar this whole time.  For my ADD,  I’ve been given Adderall and was told it was like adding fuel to the fire.

Now, after all these years of wasted time I’ll be starting over on my Bipolar treatment.  It really ticks me off – after all these years my life has been wasted because doctors weren’t treating me, but experimenting on me.

5 thoughts on “Medication Can Cause More Harm Than Good

  1. You’re the ultimate arbiter of whether meds are working or not, doctors can only theorise where as you’re feeling the effects. I’m glad that you’ve found someone who is going to prescribe the right dose of the right drugs. I was first put on Sertraline 50mg/day and I almost hung myself within a week. A subclinical dose of an antidepressant that my Bipolar really didn’t like. Don’t let anyone experiment on you ever again! Life is too short to capitulate fully to the professionals and, quite honestly, most psychology and psychiatry comes across as guess-work to me anyway.

    All the best,

    • Thank you. I’ve been on so many different medications one one I was walking around like a zombie and fell and knock myself out. I have a box of drugs and a lot of wasted dollars. If only I had all that money back. I do home I get the help I need. It starts tomorrow with blood tests. I’m so tired of feeling not normal.

  2. I have been subject to doctors who medicated me on entirely wrong treatments before as well, I understand how frustrating it can be! I do think this new doctor sounds promising, and I really think you deserve a lot of praise for seeking out a new doctor in the first place. Good luck!!

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