Bipolar:New Psychologist New Medication

I finally met with my new psychologist¬† a couple of weeks ago and at first I was scared of him but then realized he was there to help and knew what he was talking about it, specially, about medications. ¬†He read me right away. ¬†He was worried that I wasn’t ¬†dead yet with all the over medicated crap I’ve been taken. ¬†I have a box of medications that doctors prescribed that I couldn’t take. ¬†Oh, if only I had that money back. ¬†If only he would have said “Oh, you don’t have Bipolar.” I wouldn’t know whether to kiss him or kill ¬†him after all these years.

My medications were Lithium, Celexa, Trazodone, Adderall, 3 blood pressures, plus,¬†hydrocodone, and Lorespam. ¬† Now I’m taking Latuda 40%, Celexa, and 3 blood pressure pills. ¬†He said I wasn’t taking enough Lithium, and ¬†was harming me more the helping me. He called me brain-dead. HA! ¬†My memory was lacking, confusion, slurred speech, vertigo and loads of body pain.

I’ve been on Latuda for six days now. He told me I would ¬†have a clearer head (waiting), memory would get better, maybe some weight loss, and I hope he’s right. Here’s my journey from this week. ¬†First I must add – I was to restrain from all alcohol which I did.

Day one took Latuda and Celexa at 10 pm

Morning Рatenolol, Amolophine, hydrochlorothiazide

I was fine the first day with a little tiredness like I always do

Day 2

I cleaned the house like I never had Рfelt real good  but a light headed at times.

Day 3 (wed) I got up and went walking worked on some jewelry and by afternoon I was tired and went to bed early.

Day 4 Woke up at 430 am WHY!! Decided to walk to the beach came back and worked on jewelry and napped in the afternoon so tired. Went to bed early Рtired of being awake.

Day 5 РWoke early 4:30 am!  Big day РFirst Friday at the Art Gallery РThis was a bad day.  I was feeling light-headed, hands shake, confusion, slurred words РI was knocking things off tables that night РI was sweating real bad Рdrank a glass of wine felt better. Went home and to bed early.

Day 6 – Wake up early AGAIN! Went for the walk – came home and stayed on the couch all day. ¬†Feeling anxious, light-headed, sweating, tired, and went to bed early –

Day 7 – Yes again! This time 5 am,. ¬†Feeling semi good. Feeling like –¬†need to do something. Bur raining. ¬†A great excuse to do nothing.

All in all I guess this is okay considering I cold turkey the Lithium – with doctors advise – don’t do it¬†without a doctor’s¬†permission – I wasn’t taking enough to do too much harm on cold turkey. ¬†More – it could harm you.


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