What Happened to the Role of Doctors?

The way I feel!

The way I feel!

Do we not get to the doctor on our visit just the PA?  My primary doctor does come in the room, but he doesn’t see me and at first I thought he didn’t hear.  He would come in and go straight to the computer while I’m trying to talk to him.  I stopped him and asked “Do you hear anything I’m saying.”  He was stunned and apologized, but still does it.

I had some procedures done recently.  Didn’t talk to the doctor before the surgery or after.  He spent 15 seconds telling my son the outcome, but you can imagine what could be said in 15 seconds.  I’m given a report telling me what they found.  I’m not a doctor and I didn’t know what some of the medical terms were.  I had to go home and look them up.  Isn’t that the role of the doctor.  They said come back in two weeks and we can go over the findings.  Two weeks!   I called between the two weeks to tell them I wasn’t feeling well and it took 4 days to call me back.  When  went to the doctor’s office the nurse said “well we were playing phone tag.”  I said maybe but I gave up because it was getting close to my appointment. “Oh I’m sorry-it’s been crazy.” Well I have a crazy life to.

While waiting for the doctor come in I was thinking of all the things I was going to ask him.  Guess what?  It was the doctor but the PA.    I asked who was I paying her or the doctor.  I was not happy I did not feel I got what was needed.  All I got was some prescriptions.  MORE Pills.   I had diverticulitis, gastritis, poly, acid reflux in my esophagus, and in my stomach.

I’ve had issues with doctors in the past and I’ve had the best bedside manner doctors out there.  But what happen to them?

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