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I have been experiencing a lot of physical problems, but maybe it’s all in my head. ¬†That’s the way the doctors make me feel when I tell them about my issues.

I’ve been experiencing headaches, dizziness, fading out, falling, unbalanced, shortness of breath, heart beating rapidly, and my hip-joint pain. Did I¬†mentioned Vertigo? The doctors just say it’s the medication I take. That’s good so why do you give them to me?

It just seems that doctors don’t care anymore. ¬†Or, may since I’m a senior¬†they think it’s all in my head. Could it be?¬†Sometimes I think it is, but I know me better then they do. ¬†I’m just about to give up on doctors. I’m tired of them making me feel worse before I got to the appointment. ¬†It’s a horrible feeling when there’s no one listening or willing to help.

At a bad time in my life,¬†I was hinting to family and friends about the way I was feeling – hurt, lonely and depressed. ¬†I lost my long relationship and my son went in the army for 6 years. ¬†I was scared and alone. They didn’t hear me. ¬†I started binge drinking and attempted suicide. ¬†I just didn’t care anymore. ¬†I went to rehab for 6 weeks and it ¬†was the worse experience I ever had. ¬†All they do is drug you up so you want cause any trouble.


5 years ago I stopped drinking and smoking – cold turkey. ¬†Looking back, I now know it was a God thing.¬†He intervened and saved me. That’s one of the ¬†things I have found good in my life is finding God again. ¬†Although, I looked to him in the past, I never really felt he heard me. ¬†Now I do. ¬†Besides the the physical ailments. ¬†My soul is feeling good.

We should understand that God’s¬†purpose for you will be revealed to you overtime. ¬†God will reveal to you in his own time and place. ¬†Be looking for him.

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