Bipolar or Barbie?

Yes, I said Barbie.  I want to know if it’s okay for a 60 year woman be fascinated with Barbie after all these years?  I can’t help it, but I love them so I decided to start collecting them.  The problem – I don’t really know which ones to collect. I’m confused!  Do I collect them because their pretty? Or, do I collect them for an investment?

I love the vintage barbie, but then, they have the Vintage Repro Barbie as well. They are affordable and just as pretty.  I read that some of the repro barbies will become more valuable in the future. Is this correct?  The Barbie I really like is up in the $100’s to $300’s,  Hey, I live on a social security salary so I can’t afford them!  Where do I start?

Recently, I bought the Barbie Doll Photo Album 1959-2009, by J. Michael Augustyniak.  This is a great book with identification and values of the some of the most popular barbies.  I read it like a bible and check eBay everyday.  The problem is I’m Bipolar with a compulsive addictive personality and I want everything now.  This is hard!

At first, I started looking for the Barbie that I liked.  I collected some nude barbies and dressed them in beautiful gowns.  I never got to wear a gown so maybe this is why.  I love the Silkstone Barbie so I have a few of them, but bought them nude.  Now, with the new book, I’m trying to decide which barbies to collect.  Any help would be appreciated.

Some things I’m confused about is whether or not their more valuable with the original box or out of the box.  What about the Silkstone Barbie – nude or clothing?  There’s Midge who I love and I see listings with her in her outfit but nothing else.  Well?

All I know is I enjoy looking and purchasing as long as I control myself.  It’s really hard.  Spending has been my long-time obsession when there’s something I like.  I want it now!

Barbie will be here forever so I  have some time to start collecting, and hopefully, leave a legacy to my family.  I own nothing except what’s in my condo and my dog.  Who knows he might out live me!

I would love to hear from other Barbie Lovers and give me some suggestions and clues on how to dog.

2 thoughts on “Bipolar or Barbie?

  1. Wow, how ironic. I was just talking with my husband tonight about my obsession with Hello Kitty tonight. For the longest time I struggled with why I was obsessed with them. I decided it was a financial investement. But, theb I resided to the fact that it’s because I just plain love them! They are cute and loveable, plain and simple.
    I recently had checked myself into a mental health facility specifically to get my current Bipolar Meds and on to a new one. I had brought a Hello Kitty plush bag to keep by things in while I was there. But, they refused to let me have it, along with everything else I’d brought, long story. I ended up leaving early and when I heard my husband talking to someone about how they had refused to let me have my HK bag I realized how crazy it all sounded. I am a 41 year old woman and was upset because I couldn’t have a stuffed plush Hello Kitty bag?!? It sounds absurd. On a brighter note; there was a woman collecting snow globes and when she attempted to figure out where her obsession with them was coming from she came up with a rather interesting conclusion. She explained how she was robbed of several normal childhood things like having dolls or stuffed animals. She realized that the snow globes represented the dolls and stuffed animals she was never allowed to have. So, collecting the snow globes in adulthood was her way of taking back the parts of her childhood she was robbed of. So, I like to think I am doing the same by collecting the Hello Kitty items, taking back what I was with held from growing up.
    Thaks for sharing!

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