Manic Kicks In When The Sun Goes Down

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

Now with daylight savings time darkness comes pretty late, and then I can’t settle down. I’ll¬†think of all kinds of things to. My mind is always racing – endless chatter.¬† Like right now – I’m all wired up and can’t seem to close this damn computer.¬† I just sit in this bed working on Facebook, playing with my photographs,¬†and reading.¬† I can’t seem to get anything right in my opinion.

I’m trying to select some pictures to sell at the art show, along with my juried one.¬† I CAN’T MAKE A DECISION!¬† I’ve played with them so much I’ll probably screw them¬†up.¬† This digital photography is almost too much for my ADD and Bipolar mind.¬† But, I keep trying I’ll give myself that.¬† I’ve always loved a challenge, and I’ll keep trying until I succeed or not.¬† I’m the type that takes the hardest stuff first, and then work myself down to what should have been the first challenge.¬† For instance, I’m trying to teach myself Adobe Photoshop.¬†¬† It’s so technical, but if you can master it you will succeed.¬† Some of the pictures on this site was edited in Photoshop.

I work very hard at everything I do.¬† I grew up being very hard on myself – I just don’t like failing. My dad once said¬†to me “you quit every thing you start.”¬† I guess that’s why I’m this way.

It’s time to¬†move on – have a great evening.

Can Daylight Savings Time Affect My Mood?

This made sound far fetch, but I tell you I have felt very off-balance since Daylight Savings Time went into effect.¬†¬† I’ve¬†been staying up until 3 or 4 am watching TV or dazzling on my computer.¬† Sometimes I fall asleep with my fingers still on the keys, tv going and lights on-not good.¬†¬†When I don’t get enough¬†rest¬†sends me into depression and irritability.

I went to my psychiatrist and she wants me to start taking Lithium ER 450mg¬†the¬†extended release dose.blood count my Lithium has been low and she has been trying to get me to take it.¬† I let her write the prescription and then I checked¬†online for the cost, Wow wee!¬† Very expensive¬†even though I have Medicare and Humana. I was a little surprise!¬† The regular Litium is not nearly as expensive.¬† I’ve never heard of Lithium ER so I’m a little apprehensive to spend that much money and not work for me.¬† I’ve got a basket full of pills that was prescribed¬†and could not take them.¬† A lot of money in that basket!

I’ve got to get motivated it’s almost the weekend!