So Busy – Didn’t Think About Bipolar!

White Azaela
Yes, I’ve been busy lately. I was in Dallas, TX for a week and when I got back – I started getting prepared for my art show coming up in two weeks!  Luckily, my guy friend helped me by getting mye frame, photo and mat put together. So I’m ready!

I rented a car this past weekend – it was my birthday “The Big 60!” I went everywhere I could. I haven’t had a car to drive for over a year.  I’ve been afraid to drive, because of an accident I had in Dallas. So I was a little scared. I faced my fear in the eye or the car.  I took my little dog out and he sure enjoyed it!  His little head was stuck out a mile long!   I was so busy driving here and there – I got lost a couple of times – I just couldn’t remember.  So I panicked, but I got myself together.  It was a sad day when I had to return the car. Time seemed so short.

My guy friend took me out for my birthday and it was really nice.  Then on Sunday, a group of us went to the gardens to take pictures.  Following, my son took me to eat, which is always great!  Then, and finally, today I sat with my grandchildren.

Boy, I’m just not use to being on the go every minute!  I really hated it deep down.  My pattern is to hibernate at home – I don’t like to be around a lot of people or a crowd.  It makes me nervous.  I don’t like people who won’t stop talking.  It makes me nervous.  I talk enough. (Boy I changed directions didn’t I?)

With that I’m ending MY talk.