Effexor XR – I should of being warned

I’ve been on Lithium for Bipolar/Manic Depression¬†for over 2 years now and have tried many other combinations for depression.¬† I set down with my doctor and told her that I don’t think there’s any thing that can help me.¬† I can’t take certain medications because of my hepatitis.¬† I can’t even take pain pills.¬† The doc told me about Effexor XR, and it was not only good for depression, but also for ADHD.¬† I thought¬†WOW two in one so I told her to stock¬† me up.

I’ve been on Effexor now for over two months.¬† I was doing okay and was thrilled that I had a little more energy.¬† The only problem is since it’s time release most of¬† my energy comes in the evening the morning and right now it’s 1:00 am and I’m wide awake.¬† This is when I do my writing.¬†

The side effects have been creeping up on me.¬† My memory has been getting really bad and¬†I’m only 58.¬† My mom at 84 – she tells me¬†too!¬† Yesterday, I was trying to prepare my product (eBay)¬†to be shipped out.¬† I had about 10 shipping labels and boxes to prepare.¬† I couldn’t remember if I printed this label or that label, what product went with¬†what shipping label.¬† I felt like screaming.¬† I felt my anger rising and I wanted to hit and scream at someone.¬† I started the product at 9:00am in the morning and didn’t get finished until 1:30pm when it normally only takes me about two hours.¬† I had to double-check everything and found that I had printed¬† three labels for the same person then two for another.¬† I had to void¬†labels and submit for refunds. This had never happened this bad.

I’m leaving stores without my merchandise. Forgetting to pay bills.¬† I’m even seeing shadows and hearing voices. I’m literally more crazy now¬†then before I took this darn pill.¬† I’ve been reading about other¬†womrn who are trying to get off this crazy pill and it’s not easy.¬† The withdrawal effects can be deadly.¬† I’d rather be the way I was before I was taking this pill and that’s not feeling this way.¬† I’m so afraid of what will happen next.¬† I have enough problems with my hepatitis/cirrhosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and I’ll stop there.

I asked the doctor about the side effects of Effexor, and she said “I haven’t heard anything bad about it.”¬† I took her at her word. Never again.

Starting in the morning, I’m tapering back.¬† I heard if you take half the capsule which makes it 37.5 mg, and then take a grain out every week you should be okay.¬† But, everyone is different.¬† They say not do anything without the doctors knowledge.¬† Well it was the doctor who got me into this mess.

I’ll be writing about my journey.¬† Please feel free to write me and let¬†me know your story.¬†¬†(Please don’t try this at home.)