Withdrawing from Effexor Is Not Easy-Get Ready for a Roller Coaster Ride

It’s been about two weeks since I started weaning myself off of Effexor.¬† I never know¬†what to expect¬†when the¬†ride is coming the¬†time release¬† has a mind of¬†its own.¬† The side effects have ranged from being very tired mania, sweating, confusion, and anxiety. I never know how I’m going to¬† feel or react.¬† It the even the drug gives me mania. I breathe like I just ran a¬† race, I’m hyper, can’t sleep, but I get a lot done and I get many creative ideas.

I must¬† interrupt here – part of anxiety today was trying to watch the Dallas Cowboy game.¬† I’ve moved to North Carolina and the game is not on here. I’ve been trying everything to just listen to in the radio. I’ve tried and¬† now I just want to know¬†the score is.¬† I’m a Dallas Cowboy crazy fan.¬† Yep, the mania set in.

I just hope weaning off this medication works. Time will tell what direction I should take.