Don’t Panic – Wait a Day.



A month ago. my¬†landlord asked that I move by June 1st. ¬†Reason? ¬†Wanted to rent my place as a summer rental. ¬†I live on a small¬†beach town and it’s very lively during the summer months. ¬†She will make 600 a week instead of 600 a month. ¬†When I moved to ¬†the sq ft cottage I was told I could stay as long as I like. ¬† The place was furnished so I sold most of my stuff except my couch, and a lot of clothes.

I was so upset to get the news. ¬†I didn’t have the money to move nor the¬†furniture to put it. ¬† I panicked and became manic and couldn’t breathe. ¬†I called my son and was bawling about what happen. ¬†What do I do. ¬†I also felt attached by this person. ¬†I always feel that way. ¬†Like “why are they doing these things to me – I’m a nice person – I don’t understand.” ¬†My son always has his way in calming me down. ¬†Mom, “I know how you are – It just happened, nothing you can do right now. ¬†Things will come a little clearer tomorrow and you know what to do.

All my life bad things happen. ¬†I’m always asking why. ¬†I haven even remarried since my divorce in 1978. ¬†Several relationships but none in the last 6 years. ¬†I’m 62 and I don’t think this is going to happen. ¬†I guess God is just waiting for the right person. But have to accept there may not be one out there.

My mine did become clearer the next day. ¬†I attacked the situation by placing a notice on Facebook in my local area. ¬†It came through. ¬†A lady was looking for a roommate for a large beach house on the island. ¬† I wasn’t thinking that I hate roommates only that I needed a place to stay. ¬†My fear of course is not showing her that I have mental illness but a normal person. Can I do this without staying something stupid? ¬†Updates coming..