Empath Bipolar – Gifted Intuition

Calm, Meditating, No Harm

Calm, Meditating, No Harm

I read an article, link below,  about the author who is Bipolar himself has been experiencing psychic intuitive senses, and he did research on the senses that Bipolar have. He calls it Empath Bipolar, or Intuition.  I’ve been studying intuition and when I came upon this article and I was so. It explained what I thought was going on with me out of the ordinary.

I realized the other day that strange things have been happening to me since I was a young girl.  I’ve always been open to the possibilities of guardian angels, ghosts, psyches, and anything that hasn’t been proven it doesn’t exist.

Yesterday, I saw or felt something sitting next to me and at first glance I thought it was my son.  I sometimes see black shadows (sometimes called shadow people), and I’ll hear  voices. I never feel like I’m alone.  I moved to North Carolina December 2010 and stayed in a old updated cottage.  It had a lot of sounds at night that sometimes spooked me.  Sounds like cabinets doors closing, walking and then I heard a complete conversation going on in the living room.  When I heard the voices I visioned a woman wearing clothing like the amish. This made me wonder what the history was on the land the cottage was sitting on.  At first, I said this is crazy, but I know what I heard.

They’re times where items go missing.  I thought I was crazy (bipolar crazy) at first!  But it happend a lot.  Instead of freaking out and getting bipolar stressed I would just sit down and meditate a little, relax, breathe and forget it for a while.  It was always so strange because the item I was looking for would show up in the same place I looked first.  It was like someone was toying with me.

I’m very sensitive to noise/sounds, chatter, and feelings..  Somestimes when I look at someone in a conversation I can tell what their talking about. For example, when my son and his wife or in a whisper type conversation I can look at them and see their expressions and posture and know what they are talking about.  I’ll sometimes answer the question the two may have talked about.

I can tell on the first introduction or meeting of a person whether I want to know them or not.  I sense when a person doesn’t feel good. I’ve been told I have HSP – High Sensitively Personality-Psychic Intuition.  If I’m trying to make a decision, I always go with my first thought or whisper.   If I don’t I pay the consequences.

I’ve read that people with Bipolar like me are intuitive, because of their sensitive nature.  I’ve had these senses and feelings for a long time even when I was in the first grade I was top in the class in track.  When time to run I could tune out and focus on the starting line – I felt like I was the only one on the track.  When I looked down the lane all I saw was a dark tunnel and the finish line.  I knew I could do it.  The gun when off and I ran as fast as I could and could hear my mom screaming “you won!”you won!”   I knew I was going to win. I knew if you tried hard enough you could do anything.  I taught my son that and it has made him successful.


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