I Hate Flying!

Bipolar and flying are not my favorite thing.¬† I panic before¬†I even get to the airport!¬† I start thinking about what if this, what if that, or could this happen.¬† It’s so stressful!¬† You have to rush and get your shoes off, take off your belt or anything that might sound the alarm, your phone and the computer.¬† For women we practically have to leave everything at home and buy new when we get to our destinations.¬† I just buy samples.

Just when you think your through the tough part –¬† I’m always sitting in zone 5 so by the time I reach my seat the overhead is already full with¬†luggage.¬† Your suppose to bring on two pieces of luggage right?¬† The airline people don’t pay attention to those things.¬†¬† All airline people must hate their jobs – is that¬†their rude?

After one Jalapeno bagel egg biscuit, two cups of coffee and a bottled water (how much is that?) we were finally in the air again.   It took two hours and 10 minutes and one Zero Coke and some kind of miniature cookie.  Hey, it was free!  What a trip.  Makes me want to fly more.

That’s my bipolar vent for today.¬† The good thing – I’ve alive and safe. ūüôā

Bipolar: Stress – What We Can Do To Help?

Meditate & Exercise

There are an¬†estimated number of two million Americans with bipolar disorder.¬† Stress is the one of the conditions that triggers your mania.¬†¬† Even mild stress can make manic symptoms worse by making you feel more easily distracted, impulsive, and unable to make practical decisions.¬† Myself, I get very confused.¬† When someone simply¬†asks me what I would like to do – I can’t make a decision right then.¬† I can’t make an immediate – my mind doesn’t work that way.¬† I had to¬†know what might make my life a little easier.¬†I never know when¬†stress or mania will strike so I want to find something that might prevent it.¬†¬†

Taking up a hobby great stress-buster. ¬†I was getting stress over¬†Christmas with my money flow looking¬†very low so I decided to pick up crocheting.¬†¬† I had to¬†learn all over again, but it was like riding a bike.¬† Crocheting is very calming and it helps to¬†tunes out what’s going on around you.¬†Even¬†noise – I’m very sensitive nose.¬† Luckily,¬†I was able to make several Christmas presents.

The number one cause of stress is sleep problems.  Having insomnia keeps you tossing and turning, which stresses you out even more. People with bipolar disorder with their changes in sleep patterns can trigger episodes or make them worse. My favorite stress-buster is creating a spa like setting with bubbling warm bath water, soothing music and putting on your nicest pajamas and sink into your bed.  I like to pick up one of my favorite books and read until I get drowsy.

Research shows bipolar disorder is more likely to lead to substance abuse than any other mental illness.  Researchers have found that drinking and taking drugs tends to make bipolar episodes more frequent and severe, and can increase stress, anxiety, and other problems even more.

How about a support group?¬† People with bipolar disorder find that sharing their illness with other people with bipolar is beneficial¬†to them.¬† When I talk to someone else¬†with the same illness I get excited.¬† I want to ask them how they cope and if they have some of the same symptoms¬†as I do.¬† Sometimes I’m not even sure about myself, but I know I’m not really comfortable around people who don’t have bipolar.¬† I always try to watch how I act or say.¬†¬†Check the web site¬† or yellow pages for your local support group and give it a try. ¬†I’m working on that anti-social phobia and it’s getting better.

What about a vacation?¬† I love vacation –¬†it’s a time to meditate and reflect on your life and your goals.¬† I’m always dreaming about what I want to do with my life.¬†

Exercise?¬† Yes exercise.¬† That’s all I’ve been hearing lately.¬†¬†I’ve put on a lot of weight since¬†I found out I have bipolar and take medications.¬† I’ve¬†got to say when I started walking it’s made me feel so much better and proud of myself.¬†¬†Not only that, but it¬†helps you sleep better and boosts the release of endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that help fight stress.

Finally, writing has been the best therapy I’ve discovered.¬† In writing you find a subject and I’m a big subject¬†so I’ve¬†done a lot research on bipolar disorder. ¬†I find out more about my illness and it helps me to understand myself.¬† I also hope that my writings will reach others with the same illness.¬†¬† Hopefully, you will feel comfortable commenting and corresponding.

ÔĽŅOnce last thing.¬† I have ADHD with horrible grammar¬†and punctuation so¬† please forgive me.

Was It Me or Her?

I don’t remember typing the early post last night. ¬†This is sad. ¬†How did I know I did it. ¬†I got an email. ¬† I starting to believe that I might have another personality. ¬†Is it possible? ¬†I could be the solution to a lot of ¬†unanswered questions. ¬† I think I put say a book somewhere and when I go to get it it’s gone put in another place. ¬†I was trying to find the remote control the other day. ¬†I looked and looked for that darn thing. ¬†I decided to just calm down and sit. ¬†When I reach for the glass of water I looked down and there it was right by the kleenex. ¬† The ironic thing is I looked there and it was there before.

This has been happening more and more.  Is it possible to  have a dual personality having bipolar?  Or, is it Dementia?

I’ve been writing notes all over the place so I can remember where I put things, when’s my appointment, or when’s my mom or dad’s appointment are.

I get scared when I go places afraid I miss the bus, flight or get on the wrong bus or flight. ¬†I try to be so observant. ¬†When I’m driving it’s so easy for me to go off somewhere else in my mine. ¬†I’ve had a wreck last year and I don’t know why. ¬†I was just driving then suddenly BAM right in back of a car. ¬†Lucky no one got hurt.

I quit drinking and smoking April 2009. ¬†I have Hepatitis C as well and it’s gotten worse. Now, since I’ve been so stressed and depressed I’ve been drinking some wine. ¬†I CAN’T DO THAT! ¬†WRITE! write WRITE! jOURNAL.

I’ve started my ¬†journal again so if I forget I can go to my journal. ¬†I just hope I can remember to journal.